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WARNING: Don’t Choose Your Web Designer

Until They Answer the Following Questions;

There are 2 kinds of web designers; artists & marketers. An artist will make you site look “pretty”…but won’t use the proper marketing techniques. And this can lead you to bankruptcy.

On the other hand, a designer with a marketer’s touch can lead you to wealth by making sure your site persuades visitors to take action. That is what we do.

Here are 5 questions that any potential web designer should be able to answer BEFORE you hire them

  1. What’s the difference between a website that looks good, and one that gets your phone ringing? [The surprising answer is one word]
  2. Should you use a stock image or a photo on your website? One company saw a 34.7% increase in conversions by using one over the other
  3. Which call to action receives more sales: Buy Now or Add to Cart? Any good web designer will know this, because using _________ button will typically increase sales by as much as 25%.
  4. What works better: A video or a slider? One company tested this out and saw an increase of 30% in sign ups
  5. Do you have social share icons on your site? One company tested this out and increased social sharing by 3600% by knowing EXACTLY where to put these icons

The truth is…most web designers don’t have any idea what direct response marketing is, so they just rely on art & creativity to make your website “pretty”. But “pretty” doesn’t sell, you have to persuade your site visitors to take action…and this is what leads them to call, email, or make a purchase.

Web design and marketing services from AMD Web Services uses principles of direct response in our design services. This will help you increase traffic, sales, and profits.

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