Why You Need Las Vegas SMS Marketing

If you are a bar or restaurant owner and do not have a SMS campaign going I have ONE question for you…

What Are You Waiting For?!?!

What if I told you that I could…

Get Your Message Read By 97% of Your Audience…

Convert 10% – 40% of Them Into Paying Customers…

Get Started Today!

Would you be interested in ANY of that? Of course you would because you are a smart business owner! SMS (Text Message) Marketing is the new thing and the Return On Investment is HUGE! We all carry our cellphones on us at ALL times and sending a personal message to your customer about a sale, special, deal, whatever is what I call….

Money in the Bank!

Here are some alarming statistics of text messaging;

  • 97% of All Text Messages are Opened — 83% are Read Within the First 15 Minutes
  • Texting is Now the #1 Use for Mobile Devices — More than Calls, Email, Games, Web Surfing and Social Media – COMBINED!
  • One of Five Text Offers Gets Forwarded to Friends
  • 72% of All Mobile Phone Users Now Actively Text (An Average of 600 texts/Month!)

If I were a business owner I would get a jump start on my competition and implement a SMS Campaign NOW!

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